Project Reporting Tool


Have you ever...

  • Sat in a taxi, watching the meter ticking and worried about the bill at your destination?
  • Engaged workmen and wondered how much progress is really been made in your project?
  • Questioned what work is actually being done to justify the project cost and meet delivery targets?

The Project Reporting Tool

Kyosei Systems' customers have a daily update available throughout their projects, because project staff fill-in a Daily Report of work they've carried-out. It's part of our commitment to transparency, and as far as we know, it's unique!

Our Issue Tracking System documents support cases, new features, changes and bug fixes, from request to delivery. Customers can raise and update issues directly as well as tracking progress.

What does it give me?

  • The level of involvement you need
    Keep up-to-date with the details each day, or just check times against your invoice.  Follow the Project Managers' reports, the progress from one developer over a week, progres on particular issues, or the full project detail.
  • An un-sanitised progress report
    The progress report you see, is the internal progress report the Developers use.  There's no spin... in case of any delay, you'll see the cause for yourself, and what we're doing about it.
  • More opportunity to take part
    You're free to query, re-prioritise, scale-back or extend your project. Raise support issues, make new feature and change requests, and log any bugs you find. Track progress issue-by-issue, see the task documentation and how long it's taking; receive e-mailed progress reports; and even provide extra information and feedback to the developers if needed.
  • Ability to delegate oversight
    Add more of your own staff to oversee the project and register issues.

What else?

This integrates with Kyosei Systems' other transparency policies:

  • Published price list
  • Permanent access to the web application as it's being developed
  • Access to the version controlled code (if you're interested to see it)
  • Access to the Defect Management tool, with the ability to log bugs and change requests, and receive alerts when they are remedied
  • A Project Manager to discuss ideas with, ask questions and request changes throughout the project.

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